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From Sea to Cordillera, the most extreme tourist experience in Atacama

Termas en Laguna Verde
Laguna Verde
Laguna Sta. Rosa
Cerro 7 Hermanos
Vista al Ojos del Salado
Vista al Ojos del Salado
Refugio en Laguna Verde
LAguna Verde
Viento Blanco en Pleno Verano

Cordillera Tour (Nevado Tres Cruces)

The Cordillera tour is CERTAINLY the MOST EXTREME trip that can be done in all of Chile in a "full day" format.  By total distance traveled, (640 kms round trip) by the altitude difference, (zero-4,700 masl) by contrasts and physical sensations, it is by far an absolutely unforgettable experience, only suitable for inexhaustible explorers and lovers of intense travel. 

The map details the 320 km route that literally runs through Chile from the Sea to the Cordillera. From Bahía Inglesa to Laguna Verde and the international border with Argentina. Itinerary of the tour, with each of its milestones is the following:


  • Copiapó - (last supply)         : 9:00 am

  • Puquios Ruins - (photo-acclimatization)      : 10:30 am

  • Quebrada de la Puerta - (photo-acclimatization)   :11:00 am

  • Portezuelo Sta. Rosa - (photo-acclimatization)   :12:30 pm

  • Laguna Santa Rosa                 : 13: 00 pm         


  • Salar de Maricunga                : 17: 00 pm

  • Customs (return)                 : 18: 30 pm

  • Copiapo                      : 20: 45 pm

  • Boiler                      : 21: 40 pm

For Chileans : The tour is priced at $ 80,000 per person (or $ 320,000 ) in its equivalent value, from Caldera, Bahía Ingles or Copiapó . The tour is designed based on a minimum of 3 or 4. Tour available all year round, subject to weather conditions, especially between the months of May to September.  Reservation is considered at the time of making the transfer for 50% and receiving directions and confirmation of the trip.

TOUR 2 DAYS / 1 NIGHT : This is a recommended trip for those who have no experience in high altitude environments or simply want to enjoy the mountain range. Consider full meals and accommodation in the Laguna Santa Rosa refuge. Identical Full Day itinerary and with more time for photographs and other surprises. PRICE: $ 130,000 p / p


For Foreigners: It is necessary to coordinate the date of stay in Copiapó and make a prepayment, using the following alternatives: 1) Transfer of 50% via WesterUnion or Money Gram OR  50% transfer via PayPal system.   


- 100% refund of the reservation due to adverse weather conditions notified by official channels at least 48 hours prior to the trip (Sources: ONEMI, SERNATUR, METEOCHILE.

- 100% refund in case of unilateral cancellation by Geoturismo Atacama.

- DOES NOT consider a refund due to adverse weather conditions during the day of the trip. 

- DOES NOT consider Refund for sudden health and / or other personal reasons in terms of less than 48 hours of the trip. 

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