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The Oasis of Pan de Azúcar.  


The trip to Pan de Azúcar National Park is an encounter with the most incredible of the survival of life, itself.  Various forms of life adapt to  The most arid desert in the world. The "Oasis de la Niebla", (Camanchaca) allows the existence of endemic species of cacti, reptiles, birds and marine species. The Humbold penguin, the Guanaco and the Zorro are the main hosts of this landscape that never stops surprising us, despite having been visiting it for years. 

The trip to Pan de Azúcar is a constant surprise; first we visit the santuaryriver of naturealeza Orbicular Granite and other attractions on the route. Inside the National Park we will discover the reasons for being an "island" ecosystem, an authentic Oasis that lives on the Camanchaca, the mist that sustains theThe life of cacti, birds and mammals such as foxes and guanacos. A gentle walk to the mpark irador and a lunch in the Caleta de pescadores, complete an unforgettable experience. 

Caldera Circuit - National Park:


The trip to the Park considers 130 kms of travel along routes by the sea. In addition, the visit to geological attractions such as the "Orbicular Granite" Nature Sanctuary is considered.  and the "Piedras Zoo". They are rarities for science and landscape that we are sure, you have not seen in any other destination  From Chile.






Inside the Park


The national park has more than 40,000 ha. In a single day we can see a small but representative proportion of all its landscapes.  


Upon arrival we visit one of the representative corners of the park's flora and fauna, where we take a gentle 20-minute walk through the "Quebrada de Castillo". Then we go to  CIA (Conaf Environmental Information Center) where CONAF staff give a general induction on biodiversity, park attractions and security aspects.


In the Caleta sector (a small fishing village) there is the option of having a typical dish with fish and seafood for lunch (from $ 1,500 to $ 7,000). Before or after lunch there is the option of taking a boat trip to Pan de Azucar Island ($ 6,000 p / p). A trip that is always conditioned to sea conditions and the existence of at least 10 passengers.


Finally the trip continues with the visit to a path for a gentle walk from where  You can meet emblematic species of the park and know the impacts of the alluviums of March 25, 2015 in the geography of the "Quebrada de Pan de Azucar". Yes  we are lucky we can  See some fox or guanaco up close and tell you about several secrets of nature that we have been discovering in 8 years.  


what will we see

Protected area of cacti, guanacos and the Humboldt penguin. Hike up to an incredible viewpoint. Visit to Orbicular Granite



  • 09:00 am. Departure from Caldera or Bahia Inglesa

  • 09:30 am. Orbicular Granite

  • 10:00 pm. Piedras Zoo

  • 11:30 pm. Short rest in Chañaral (baths)

  • 12:30 pm. Quebrada Castillo Hike

  • 13:00 pm. Visit to Caleta  /  Time of  lunch

  • 14:30 pm. Boat ride time.

  • 16:30 pm. Environmental interpretation trekking.   (Or beach time, optional)

  • 18:30 pm. Return to Caldera / Bahía Inglesa



  • It is essential min. 1 liter of water.

  • Maximum sun protection.

  • Trekking shoes or sneakers.

  • Not recommended for children under 8 years old. 

  • The tour does not include  lunch.

  • Entrance ticket not included .     ($ 3,500 nationals / $ 5,000 foreigners) 

  • Pan de Azúcar Island Tour ($ 6,000) not included.

  • Restaurant allergies only with fish and seafood. 

  • There is no REDCOMPRA system in the park

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