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A Little History, with  Thousands of km traveled.


First through Valdivia, La Unión, Talca, Santiago and Viña del Mar and through different paths we came to discover a desert that trapped us.  Rodrigo, the creator of this project, first as an eternal "backpacker", arrived in Atacama in 2005 as coordinator of the Sendero de Chile Project. In 2010 Monserrat arrived as a tourist, he fell in love with the desert when he arrived as a tourist and stayed forever. 


After having traveled various corners of Europe, South America and the whole of Chile, we chose Caldera and Bahía Inglesa for a life project; owning our time and doing what we like the most; travel. 


With the soul of restless travelers, we formed the base of Geoturismo Atacama, a tour operator that operates from Bahía Inglés and Caldera since 2009. For 13 years we have lived exclusively from tourism, a record that allowed us to have a Sernatur Tourism Quality Seal, be cited in various magazines of trips, have 5 TravelChoice awards (TripAvisor), Operate Social programs with the Elderly, Operate 3 Cruise ship calls, appearances on TV, etc, etc. Under the principle of "treating tourists as we like to be treated", We achieve that each one of those who visit us, return happy and want to return...


From our Geography and History disciplinary training, we have designed routes and experiences, from a scientific, entertaining and didactic story, We promote the Atacama Geoheritage, We are interested that in addition to a good photo, you can learn from the Desert to Value it... and discover its magic. 

Traveling with us is more than taking a Tour, it is a commitment to make new friends and bring an unforgettable experience to the senses.

We will wait for you

In Caldera or Bahía Inglesa!!!


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